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Fort Amsterdam

Fort Amsterdam (Great Bay, Sint Maarten) — Fort Amsterdam was the first fort to be built by Dutch settlers in the Caribbean, in 1631. The Spaniards seized the fort two years later and chose to enlarge it and strengthen its defences in order to protect the sea route to the Greater Antilles and Puerto Rico […]


Bikini Beach Bar & Grill

Bikini Beach Bar & Grill (Orient Bay, Saint Martin) — The menu features a full American breakfast, Tapas, tropical grilled shrimp salad, fresh seafood, black Angus steaks & paella Sundays. One can also order Tortilla Roll-ups & Pita Sandwiches to eat on the beach. The Fresh Squeeze, a new Fruit & Veggie Juice Bar with […]


About Saint Martin (French West Indies)

The island of Saint Martin, located about 300 km east of Puerto Rico, is just 87 square kilometers, and is evenly divided between the northern half (Saint Martin – which is an overseas department of France) and the southern half (Sint Maarten – which is part of the Netherlands). Saint Martin was initially under Spanish […]


Anse des Pères

Anse des Pères (Friars Bay Beach) –– the very scenic Friars Bay Beach is a sheltered, family friendly beach in the northwest of the island. The beach is famous for its two well-known beach restaurants, Friars Bay Beach Café and Kali’s Beach Bar. By day, visitors relax by the calm waters of the Caribbean sea, […]


Axum Art Café and Gallery

Axum Art Café and Gallery (7 Front Street, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten) – this is a 1960s-style art café that offers local cultural activities, as well as live music on weekends (such as jazz on Saturdays).


Shipwreck Shop

Shipwreck Shop (42 Front Street, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten) – this retailer has 16 stores (under names like Lord & Hunter, Island Living and Boardwalk) all over the island that stock a little of everything: colorful hammocks, hand-crafted jewelry, and the local Guavaberry liqueur, but the “flagship” store on Front Street in Philipsburg has the largest […]