Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving — along the coasts of Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten, over 55 sites are currently listed and visited daily by dive centers, which welcome every year a growing number of passionate lovers of the subsea.  From beginners to masters, all levels can find here welcoming structures to start discovering the island´s largest playground: its underwater environment.

Numerous sites are included within the limits of the Dutch and French natural reserves and guarantee fabulous discoveries on the coral formations and in the sea grass fields.  These waters are full with fish, and observers´ and photographers´ dreams are fulfilled.  In addition to the natural sites, many wrecks also shelter marine life.  Some of them were voluntarily sunk to become new sites, such as the Tugboat at Tintamarre, the Fuh-Sheng, the Carig Ghost, the Mehares or La Renee.  Proselyte has become an archeological underwater site.  The anchors and artillery of this English frigate sunk in 1801 in front of Philipsburg Bay make it one of the most often visited sites.  Regularly, teams of local divers adventurously go in search of new subaquatic seascape, drawing a new, denser map for divers, from the discovery of a peaceful, rich coral head to more “technical” sites for the more fanatical.

Those interested in pursuing such diving excursions can contact:  Scuba Fun (, The Scuba Shop (, Octopus Diving (, and Ocean Explorers (   These same outfit can also assist would-be snorkelers.